About us

AJ PRO Construction is a relatively young company.

  Although the owner have extensive roofing experience,
they have to keep their eye on delivering the best value available.

Maintenance Services

They are dedicated to doing everything right the first time and every time.

Attention schedule:
from 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday

contact us for more detail about all of your problems

 AJPRO will never cut corners or provide shoddy workmanship to lower the price. Rather, they purposely keep their overhead low and the owner are on every job.

This gives them a price advantage over bigger companies with bigger offices, more supervisors and salespeople. Additionally, since they are on the job, they are available to discuss any issue that arises. If you call them after hours, your call will be returned promptly. Jared enroll in on-going training from the manufacturers to insure they are up to date with the latest procedures and products.